Ahmed Doma still on hunger strike despite ‘false’ reports: Nourhan Hefzy
Activist Ahmed Douma - YOUM7/Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: Despite anonymously sourced media reports to the contrary, imprisoned activist Ahmed Doma has not ended his hunger strike, according to his wife Nourhan Hefzy.

“My husband didn’t end his hunger strike,” Hefzy wrote on Facebook Saturday. “I discussed this with him during my last visit and he refused the idea.”

Early Saturday, many websites quoted a security source saying Doma ended his hunger strike out of fear for his deteriorating health condition. The anonymous source said Doma was eating regularly and in good condition.

“I hold Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim responsible if Doma was attacked by anyone inside the jail forcing him to end the strike, as when they forced him before to attend trial sessions despite his poor health condition,” Hefzy wrote.

She also expressed her anger over websites publishing what she called “fake news” about her husband. “I call on the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) to arrange a quick visit to Doma and quickly release an official statement revealing the truth,” she wrote.

Doma started his hunger strike on Aug. 28 in solidarity with other detained activists and to demand an immediate release of all prisoners arrested under the 2013 Protest Law.

He is being tried along with 268 codefendants for participating in demonstrations outside the Cabinet in December 2011. He is charged with crowding, attacking police forces with weapons and attacking government buildings.

Due to his reportedly deteriorating health, he attended his last trial session in a wheelchair.

“My husband is very sick; he can’t keep anything in his stomach even for a minute, including medicine,” Hefzy wrote on her Facebook page on Sept. 3. “Despite a doctor’s recommendation he be moved to a hospital to be under observation in intensive care, the Interior Ministry will not approve this.”

Many political movements and figures have demanded authorities release Doma, including lawyer and activist Khaled Ali, and former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi.

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