Egypt’s single Ebola patient is stable: WHO
Health Minister Adel al-Adawy - YOUM7/Amr Mostafa

CAIRO: Egypt’s single Ebola patient, who arrived from Sierra Leone Thursday, has completely recovered, the World Health Organization announced Monday in a press conference.

Al-Shorouq reported Monday that the Egyptian citizen was quarantined upon arrival at Cairo Airport as a precaution in order not to infect anyone else.

Officials at the Health Ministry said Friday the patient caught the virus two months ago in Sierra Leone and that they, in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry, reviewed his health condition continuously before his arrival to Cairo.

They added that the Foreign Ministry addressed them last week asking for the return of the Egyptian citizen after his recovery.

“According to the WHO standers and conditions, the patient was examined twice and his blood diagnoses confirmed that he is Ebola-free so we allowed him to travel to Cairo,” said Health Minister Adel al-Adawy in a phone call with Al-Mehwar TV channel Friday.

“We are taking very firm precautionary procedures to prevent any possible Ebola patients from entering Egypt,” Adawy added.

He said that if the Egyptian citizen wasn’t completely cured from Ebola virus, EgyptAir would have never allowed him on board.

Rana Sidani, Senior Communication Officer at the World Health Organization, told The Cairo Post Tuesday that the Egyptian patient will not pose any kind of risk only if he abstains from any sexual relations for at least three months, as the virus tends to stay in the body for 8 to 9 weeks.

She added that he already recovered before arriving to Egypt, as about 40 percent of Ebola patients usually recover if their bodies were healthy before infection. “The human’s body creates its own antibodies, and with the aid of other medicines, the patient gets well,” said Sidani.

According to Sidani, no specific antidote has been discovered for Ebola so far. “The medicine should be given to the patient as soon as possible, as it’s usually something to help stabilize his condition.”

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