Sisi says June 30 Revolution was the true will of Egyptian people
President Sisi gives speech on the 41st anniversary of 6 October - courtesy of presidential media office

CAIRO: Military parades took place Wednesday at the Egyptian Military Academy in Cairo amid celebrations of the 41st anniversary of the 6 October War, according to which Egypt’s national day has been set.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi gave a speech on the occasion, broadcast by state TV, in which he stated that during the six-day war with Israel in 1967, the army was in a critical situation but it was the support of the Egyptian people, who pushed it forward to victory in 1973 War.

“Then on July 26 2013, the people took the streets to express their rejection for terrorism,” Sisi stated, referring to the day people protested in response to his calls to “mandate him to lead a war on terrorism,” after the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi July 3 and threats of violence by the Muslim Brotherhood members.

Recalling on June 30, the day of mass protests against former President Mohamed Morsi, Sisi added: “June 30 does not mean that Jan. 25 was insignificant but June 30 truly represented the will of the Egyptian people, which was supported by the army.”

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