ABM kills two more captives in new video
A screen capture of a newly released Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis video.

CAIRO: Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (ABM) Monday released a video in which it displayed five civilian captives, and killed at least two and possibly a third.

The citizens were forced to give statements saying they had spied for Israel and worked with authorities. The fate of the captives not killed in the video is left uncertain.

One of the killed men, Abdel Magid Eid Oda, 51, was from Rafah. He was killed when the militants destroyed his home. In the video, ABM claims Oda was killed because he was an agent for the Egyptian army and he “launched several operations with forces to ruin and burn houses.”

A second captive, Ahmed Ayed Eid Salem, was forced to confess on the video he was given an Egyptian army uniform to destroy and burn other peoples’ houses. He also confessed, according to the video, that he helped detain seven people in a mosque.

“Mohamed Abu Amer and I carried out an operation with the army and we found two new sedans at Farg Abu Nofal’s farm. The army burnt those cars,” Salem said.

He claimed that ABM knew everyone, including women who work with the army.

After Salem’s speech, a masked gunman in the video shot and killed one of the captives in the head. It was unclear if it was Salem.

ABM said in the video it would storm peoples’ houses to kill and capture those they suspected as being army agents.

Three other people appeared in the video, confessing their connections with the Egyptian army and Israeli Intelligence.

One was identified as Sulaiman Salman Selim Ali, a 25-year-old from the al-Nowamis family of the Sawarka Bedouin tribe.

Under duress, he said, “I deal with the Israeli Mossad,” and he earned $33,000 for working with Israeli authorities since 2009. He also said an Israeli officer asked him to form a cell to launch operations against jihadists.

Captive Gehad Salman Selim Ali, 23, also from the Sawarka tribe, said he had worked with Israeli intelligence after being imprisoned in Israel in 2010. He said he was released in 2013 after agreeing to work for Israel.

“I met with an Israeli intelligence officer five times in Israel,” he added. “He asked me to watch the jihadists.”

The third man was Ayshi Loufy Hussein, 39. He said he worked with the Mossad for three years and received $26,500 for spying on civilians and the Egyptian Army.

At the end of the video, a militant started to move towards a victim’s neck with a knife, presumably to begin a beheading, but the video leaves what happens to the captive unclear.

On July 27, ABM claimed in another video that four civilians from the Sawarka and Romailat Bedouin tribes in Sinai were beheaded after spying for Israel.

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