Maspiro Youth Union calls for rose protest to commemorate clash anniversary
Maspiro demonstrations - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Maspiro Youth Union is calling for a protest Thursday Oct.9 in Shubra to commemorate the third anniversary of Maspiro demonstrations and clashes that lead to the death of number of an estimated 25 Egyptians, mostly Coptic Christians.

“It’s a reminder for Egyptians, to tell them the reason why those martyrs died, as we will be demanding for a re-investigation to reveal the real responsible persons of the massacre,” Union member Bishoy Tenry, told The Cairo Post Tuesday, adding  that the protest would discuss politics.

The union wrote on its Facebook account that the call is open for all political movements, and participants are to bring only roses and candles.

“On Friday we will be visiting the martyrs in the cemeteries, along with their families and friends, but the invitation is still open to anyone wants to join,” Tenry said.

In the Maspiro clashes in 2011, a large number of Copts were demonstrating in solidarity with Aswan residents against the governor following the demolition of a church, but the events escalated and clashes broke out with security forces.

Essam Sharaf, the then-prime minster, conducted a meeting for the Whole cabinet, and ordered the organization of a fact finding committee.  A month later, in November 2011, the committee announced that an unnamed “third party” was responsible for the deaths. No further government follow-up has taken place since then.

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