Egyptian climber falls to her death in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains
Atlas Mountains - Photo by Martin Fisch

CAIRO: The body of Egyptian mountain climber Heba el-Husseini was reported to have been pulled Wednesday out of a deep crevice after she slipped off the peak of Mount Toubkal—the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains—in southwestern Morocco, news media reported Wednesday.

Hespress, a Moroccan news website, reported Wednesday evening the Egyptian national was among other foreign climbers and a Moroccan mountain guide. Her body was recovered by a Moroccan rescue team.

The website quoted Moroccan mountain climber Boshra Baybano telling Anadolu news agency that the Egyptian climber slipped off Mount Toubkal while she was taking pictures shortly after reaching the mountain’s summit.

Baybano added that Husseini might have lost her balance due to the ice covering the top of the mountain.

MENA reported Thursday that the Moroccan guide and ascent team failed to reach Husseini inside the crevice, which prompted Moroccan authorities to use helicopters and special forces to recover the body and transfer it to a morgue.

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