University protests mark beginning of semester despite security warnings
Security forces in front of Cairo university - YOUM7/Hazim abdel samad

CAIRO: Students’ protests launched Sunday in Cairo universities shortly before noon, as called for by the National Alliance Supporting Legitimacy (NASL) and the affiliated Student Against the Coup movement (SAC), which reject the 2013 ouster of Mohamed Morsi.

SAC reported that at least 50 students were arrested Sunday dawn, including two were taken from their homes.

Students use fireworks during their protests at Cairo university – YOUM7/Hazim abdelsamad


Footage from several universities, mainly Azhar and Ain Shams universities, that was shared on social media showed students marching raising the Rabaa sign and chanting against the police and the army.

In the videos watched, there were no signs of non-peacefulness whether by protesters or security forces but news reports such as Youm7 stated that some clashes occurred between students and security forces.

Students protests at Cairo university – YOUM7/Hazim abdelsamad

The new academic year started Saturday amid intensified security measures undertaken by different university administrations, including the hiring of private security companies and the establishment of electronic gates.

Despite announcements by the presidents of universities and Minister of Higher Education Al-Sayed Abdul Khaleq, media and students reported that the ‘security procedures’ were not significant. A young female Azhar student told The Cairo Post Sunday morning that the searching process at the university entrance was “chaotic.”

Students destroyed electronic gates during their protests – YOUM7/Hazim abdelsamad

“There are no electronic gates, all doors of the Faculty of Commerce were closed, except for one small door which led to an increased crowd trying to enter, and the security men are barely even looking inside students’ bags or asking for IDs,” she said.

Additional reporting by Ismail Refa’at.

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