Trial session for Sanaa Seif and Yara Sallam moved to Oct 16
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CAIRO: The Ithadeya protests case, in which Sanaa Seif and Yara Sallam  and 20 co-defendants are detainees are accused of violating the 2013 Protest Law they were demonstrating against last June, was adjourned Saturday to Oct. 16.

A number of human rights’ advocates have demanded their release. The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) renewed its calls for their release on their official Facebook page Saturday.

“Yara Sallam’s detention has continued for 5 additional days after she and 22 co-defendants already spent more than 100 days in pretrial detention pending trial for charges based on the draconian protest law whose constitutionality is in question,” EIPR stated.

A global call has been out to support those women; more than 220 women and human rights organizations representing nearly 70 countries issued a statement on Oct. 9 condemning  the delay of court procedures which make their detention longer.

“Ms. Seif’s hunger strike began on Aug. 28 and Ms. Fikreya Mohammed began her strike on September 11, 2014, and latest news is that she has had to suspend her hunger strike. As a result, both face serious health risks and are extremely weak,” the statement read.

Other organizations are invited to join by signing the petition, and the hashtag #FreeEgyptWHRDs has been created to promote the cause.

On Sept.21, activist Mahienour el-Masry was released despite a reduced six-month prison charge. Earlier on Sept. 15, Alaa Abdel Fattah was released on a bail, pending trial under the Protest Law.

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