Army sends 200 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza
official Spokesman for the Egyptian Military Mohamed Samir - Photo courtesy of military spokesperson Facebook page

CAIRO: The Egyptian Armed Forces sent Tuesday a 200-ton humanitarian aid package to Gaza, announced military spokesperson Mohamed Samir.

Upon request from President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, the cargo was prepared with 20,000 boxes of food and entered Palestine through the Rafah border crossing, Samir stated.

In July, the armed forces sent 500 tons of humanitarian and medical aid during the war between Gaza and Israel.

Egypt co-hosted with Norway a donor conference for Gaza reconstruction Sunday in Cairo.

“The Gaza strip has been subjected to three wars in six years with grave damage; the number of the martyrs reached 3,760 people including 2,145 in the latest war. The number of the injured people hit 18,100 persons including 11,200 civilians in the latest war,” said Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“More than 80,000 houses were destroyed including 16,800 in 2014 in the latest war… more than 90 families became not existed on civil population record anymore,” Abbas said during the conference, adding that Gaza needs $4 billion in aid for reconstruction.

President Sisi expressed his country’s support to the Palestinian people and support of international efforts toward Gaza reconstruction.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry announced Sunday the conference raised $5.4 billion.

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