Gag order issued in 2012 presidential election fraud case
Attorney General Hisham Barakat - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: All media outlets are to abstain from publishing or broadcasting any content related to an ongoing 2012 presidential election fraud trial, according to a gag order by Attorney General Hisham Barakat addressed in an official letter Tuesday to Essam al-Amir, the president of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU).

The order, published by Youm7, stated that the decision was to be upheld until all investigations in the matter are announced completed by the General Prosecution Authority, the only body allowed to provide information on the matter.

This came following a big headline in Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper telling readers to expect the publication of important official documents on the 2012 presidential election “scam” which brought former president Mohamed Morsi to power over rival candidate and former Hosni Mubarak-era Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq.

But then the newspaper published the gag order in the same Wednesday story, and apologized to the public for not being able to say more. It said it was fully committed to respecting the attorney general’s decision and promised the documents as soon as the ban was lifted.

Morsi was announced president of the country on June 24, 2012, as the High Presidential Elections Committee declared he had won with 51.7 percent of the vote.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Metwally and Mahmoud Nasr.

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