Britain to redeploy drones from Afghanistan to Iraq
Air-Force (RAF) Tornado GR4'S on a mission to Iraq - AFP/Neil Bryden

LONDON: Britain will shortly begin redeploying its unmanned armed drones from Afghanistan to counter Islamic State jihadists in Iraq, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told Parliament on Wednesday.

The remotely-piloted Reaper planes will provide surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence support to the Iraqi troops and international coalition forces taking on the IS group in northern Iraq.

They can also launch bombs and missiles.

It will be the first time Britain has deployed Reapers outside of Afghanistan, where Britain is completing a pull-out of combat troops this year.

“We are in the process of redeploying some of our Reaper remotely-piloted aircraft from Afghanistan to the Middle East,” Hammond said.

Britain already has several Royal Air Force (RAF) Tornado fighter jets conducting bombing raids on Islamic State targets in Iraq.

“The surveillance capability of Reaper will see it provide vital situational awareness, making it an invaluable asset to the Iraqi government and the coalition allies,” Defense Secretary Michael Fallon told Parliament.

“If strike operations are required then Reaper has the ability to complement the sorties RAF Tornados have already completed.”

The U.S.-made Reapers are normally armed with two Paveway laser-guided bombs and four Hellfire missiles for precision strikes.

The Defense Ministry also said a small group of British infantry have completed a week training the Kurdish forces fighting extremists in using the heavy machine guns Britain gave them last month.

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