Dozens of students arrested for university violence
Cairo University medical students used burning tires to stop traffic - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: Hundreds of students marched at their universities Sunday in anti-government protests in several governorates, where the police arrested 29 “rioters.”

The Ministry of Interior described the protests as “limited,” and accused participants of attacking properties and the administrative security of the universities. In a Sunday statement, the ministry also said it was identifying protestors from university security footage.

Cairo University medical students dominate Sunday protests

The police ended the blockage of Manial Street, one of Cairo downtown most famous streets, after Cairo University medical students used burning tires to stop traffic.

In the clashes at Kasr al-Ainy, Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine, the police fired tear gas and the students threw rocks and Molotov cocktails. Locals and passersby, some of whom were attacked by the students and some provoked by the clashes and the blocked traffic fought with the students, according to Youm7.

After students threw rocks and Molotov cocktails from inside Kasr al-Ainy at people outside, locals raided the faculty, also with rocks and Molotov cocktails. Central Security Forces’ armored vehicles entered the faculty to disperse the protests and take the locals out.

An approximated 10 personnel of the administrative security at Kasr al-Ainy were injured in the clashes, a source in Cairo University told Youm7.

In Cairo’s Ain Shams University, a few dozens of students briefly chanted against the government.

Al-Azhar University continues protests

After protesting inside Al-Azhar Islamic University, students at the university’s branch for women raided the gates out to the street, despite guards from Falcon, a private security company, attempting to prevent them, Youm7 reported. Students also stoned electric gates installed by the company.

The students chanted against the police and military, but abruptly finished their protest once police armored vehicles arrived at the scene, according to Youm7.

The university’s branch for men witnessed a state of chaos when police forces were allowed inside to disperse a pro-Muslim Brotherhood protest at the administrative building of the university. In the last academic year, students stormed the building and sabotaged its offices, including that of the university’s head.

Mansoura University dominates protests outside of Cairo

In the Delta governorate of Dakahlia, police entered Mansoura University to disperse protests that attacked personnel from administrative security. Youm7 reported the detention of 57 students in Mansoura in possession of pesticides, flares and fireworks; all used to make fires while protesting.

In the Upper Egyptian city of Minya, the police fired tear gas at protesting students outside the administrative building. The students attempted to block a highway outside the university, but the police controlled the situation.

Brief pro-Brotherhood protests also occurred at the Delta universities of Tanta and Menoufia.

Since the academic year of 2013/2014, dozens of students were killed, hundreds were detained and expelled; the majority of those students belong to Al-Azhar University.

Students have fumed at the presence of the private security and electric gates since the beginning of the semester last week. Brotherhood affiliated groups, like Students against the Coup, have called for protesting all week to end the siege they say is imposed against universities by Falcon.

The four-finger Rabaa salute, which refers to the Muslim Brotherhood sit-in violently dispersed in August 2014, is a common sign seen at university protests.

With heavy security and state of alert to avoid the replication of last year’s chaos , more than 70 students were arrested in the first two days of the semester, according to a Democracy Index report Oct. 14, when students proclaimed a victory over Falcon.

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