Hospital manager banned from work after laboring woman sent to street
Health Minister Adel al-Adawy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Minister of Health Adel Al-Adwy banned Ayman Maraei, the manager of Kafr Al-Dawar hospital in Beheira from working again with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, and referred him and the team to administrative prosecution, after a video of a woman giving birth on the street after alleged being refused admission went viral.

Two additional new videos of the woman were released Sunday night, and show the women being told to leave the hospital, and go to a better equipped one.

The story was first featured on by television host Waael al-Ebrashy Saturday night; the original video he played shows the woman on a blanket surrounded by other women offering to help.

“I could have been dead by now due to the hospital’s negligence. I arrived there feeling that I was about to give birth, and they didn’t want me to admit me, even when the doctor saw me he shouted at the nurse asking who had allowed me to enter the hospital,” the woman told Youm7 in an interview.

She added a nurse told the doctor that she was very sick, and I had to enter. ”He left me there about half an hour, later after quick check he said that I needed a Caesarean section, and I would have to go to another hospital.”

She said the moment she left the hospital, she felt the baby coming out, and then everything followed happed as it showed through the video, as she fainted and couldn’t remember anything happen after that.

Her husband told Youm7 Sunday, that even after transferring his wife back inside the hospital, no one came to check on her for almost 5 hours.

The Ministry of Health undersecretary Mohamed Mnesey statements Saturday ] reported by Sada Al-Balad, concerning the doctor’s advice for the woman to walk for a few minutes was completely denied by the woman, who said , “it never happened, they told me to go to another hospital.”

Manager Maraei told the Dream2 television channel Sunday that it was an “ordinary thing” for any woman to give birth in in any place she might be existing in, adding “it’s a matter of miscalculation of the physician who said that she needs a Caesarean.”

A number of Cairo hospitals also fell under scrutiny in the summer, after a victim of a brutal sexual assault during the inauguration of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in Tahrir Square was refused admission to a number of hospitals.

President Sisi visited the victim in the days following the attack, and Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab ordered in early July that all public and private hospitals admit emergency cases, and offer free treatment.

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