Ajnad Masr threatens revenge after Alexandria U faculty riots
Oct. 14 incidents at the faculty of engineering at Alexandria University - Screenshot from Terrorist group Ajnad Masr video

CAIRO:  Sinai-based militant group Ajnad Masr announced it would take revenge against authorities for clashes that took place Oct. 14 at the faculty of engineering at Alexandria University in a Monday video released on YouTube.

“Allah made retribution from aggressors as a new life. It’s a right to ban their violations, infringement and approving of the continuing bloodshed,” the group stated.

On Oct. 14, near the beginning of the academic year, the faculty of engineering witnessed demonstrations conducted by pro-Muslim Brotherhood protesters; police forces responded by dispersing the marches.

The Minster of Higher Education had previously announced since last August that any kind of political activity would not be tolerated, and the administration would dismiss any student or faculty member who joined in on protests.

Amnesty International accused police forces of using excessive force to crack down on student demonstrations the university in Oct 17 statement, that noted at least 35 injured with three in critical condition.

About 150 students were arrested during the clashes and two security officers were injured, according to official figures.

The Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression said Saturday that about 186 students have been arrested since the beginning of the new academic year from 19 different universities.

Earlier, the pro-Muslim Brotherhood National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called on students to conduct demonstrations, burn photos of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and raise those of ousted former President Mohamed Morsi.

Another pro-Muslim Brotherhood group the “Revolution’s Board of Trustees” called Oct. 16 on university students to “besiege and trap” university presidents and faculty members who support the use of private security officers on university campuses.

One of the students involved in the Alexandria clashes was announced dead Tuesday Oct.21, reported  Youm7.

Al-Masry Al-Youm reported Tuesday that another group in Al-Azhar University, Students Against the Coup, distributed photos of the killed student inside the university with the slogan “we will take revenge” written on them.

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