Morsi Ithadeya trial adjourned to Nov. 1
Ousted President Mohamed Morsi - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Cairo Criminal Court Thursday adjourned to Nov. 1 the trial of the Ithadeya presidential palace incidents in which former president Mohamed Morsi and a number of Muslim Brotherhood members are being tried.

The trial, held at the Police Academy, was postponed to listen to the testimony of a defendant’s lawyer.

Thursday’s hearing was held to listen to the lawyers of the civil plaintiffs in the case, which dates back to violent protests outside Ithadeya presidential palace on Dec. 5, 2012 in which 10 people were killed. Famed journalist El-Husseini Abu Daif was among the dead.

During Thursday’s hearing, Tamer Fawzy, one of the lawyers of the civil plaintiffs, called on imposing the highest penalty on the defendants, Youm7 reported.

Also, Ragiya Omran, a plaintiff lawyer, told the court that by reviewing the medical reports, it was revealed that the torture the plaintiffs allege occurred at the hands of the defendants caused moral, physical and psychological damage to the victims.

According to some of the victims of the incidents, the defendants pressured the victims to confess they were hired to protest against Morsi.

Morsi and 14 other Brotherhood defendants are accused of charges of murder and attempted murder against protesters gathered outside Ithadeya.

Additional reporting Mohamed Abdel Raziq.

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