Marcel Khalife: the solution to terrorism is not force, but love
Lebanese singer Marcel Khalife - AFP/ Fathi Belaid

CAIRO: Lebanese music icon Marcel Khalife was received by the Al-Ahram Institute on Thursday for a press conference during which Al-Ahram CEO Ahmed el-Naggar presented him honors ahead of his two scheduled concerts this weekend.

“Marcel Khalife represents hope, his commitment as an Arab artist keeps the Palestinian cause alive,” Al-Ahram Editor-in-Chief Mohamed Abdelhady Allam said at the beginning of the conference.

Khalife read out loud poetry he had prepared for the occasion of his invitation to Egypt, and pleaded against extremist ideology and human destruction, calling instead for hopes and dreams.

“What did I come for today? Why did I accept this invitation? I don’t know how I just give in, but maybe because one cannot turn down a request for love,” Khalife said.

Condemning terrorism and violence, Khalife said the solution “is not force, it is love, it is all about love.”

“Does anybody still contemplate the moon among the stars? A boat surrendered to floating on the Nile like a human being surrendering to his dreams?” Khalife said, recalling simple, beautiful things in life that people have drifted away from.

Khalife’s music is world renowned and he has been recognized internationally for revolutionizing oud music. He often sets to song the poems of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish.

Two concerts by Khalife and his sons Ramy and Bashar will be presented in Cairo and Alexandria this weekend.

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