TV host Ahmed Moussa under investigation for “insulting revolution”
Television host Ahmed Moussa - Screenshot from Youtube video

CAIRO: Remarks by television host Ahmed Moussa are under investigation for “insulting the constitution and the president,” activist Hassan Shahien, a claimant in the charges against Moussa, told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

Shahien said that he and others were accusing Moussa of attempting to “distort the January 25 Revolution,” when he referred to it as a conspiracy, during one of his episodes few days ago, adding “he is provoking the Egyptians to hate it.”

“This description is an insult to the military forces that protected the revolution and decided to stand beside it, and to the president himself who said more than once that January 25 was the ‘real revolution,’” Shahien said.

Moussa hosts the program “Ala Mas’olity,” meaning “On my responsibility,” on which he said last week the January 2011 uprising was a “conspiracy;” his remarks sparked outrage among a number of social media users, who started a hashtag calling for the broadcaster to be put in jail.

Moussa also said in his program that previous presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s supporters, as well as the 6 April movement, were trying to “provoke public option” through discussions of the 2013 Protest Law.

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