NCHR condemns police search of NCHR member’s home
NCHR member Manal Al-Teiby - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) has condemned a police search of the home of NCHR member Manal Al-Teiby that allegedly occurred Tuesday.

The NCHR is a government-affiliated watchdog group.

In a Wednesday statement, NCHR head Mohamed Fayek said he was “surprised” and “shocked” by the incident, and that it was a violation of human rights that had no reason to occur.

“The whole thing was like an intimidation attempt for Teiby and her son, as they are living alone in their house. Also, the search didn’t actually find anything, and the forces actually apologized for their actions,” he said. “It just makes us wonder who gave these orders in the first place?”

Teiby told Al-Masry Al-Youm Wednesday that four men brought a search warrant from the attorney general’s office to search her house after saying an anonymous person reported she had suspected communications with foreign parties.

“One of the four had a familiar face, maybe I saw him before, he’s probably from the National Security Agency,” she said.

Teiby added that they treated her in a harsh way, saying, “‘Don’t open your mouth, just raise your kid and don’t interfere in the State’s issues.’”

“After they left, I issued a statement to the police because they took about 23,000 EGP ($3,216), along with other silver accessories. Even the accessories they left for me were broken,” she added.

Teiby said after the men finished their search inside her house, they did not find anything. “I went to the Ministry of Interior to issue a complaint about the incident, and later to Al-Haram police station to find out more about the anonymous statement issued against me,” she said.

She added she plans to seek compensation for psychological and legal damage to her and her son stemming from the search.

NCHR spokesperson Amgad Fathy told The Cairo Post Thursday they had no further comment on the incident, and were standing by Teiby. “We said all that we know in the statement, including Teiby’s account,” he said.

Teiby is a well known activist who was opposed to the regime of former President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. She even withdrew from the Constituent Assembly in protest of the 2012 Constitution.

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