Salafist Front calls for ‘Islamic revolution’ Nov 28
photo courtsy of The Salafist Front FaceBook Page

CAIRO: The Salafist Front called for an “Islamic revolution” against “military rule,” secular movements and absence of Islamic Sharia Friday Nov.28, in a Sunday statement.

The front accused the government of killing dozens of Islamic young youth in the streets and squares “He (Sisi) Prohibits the Name of Allah to be mentioned in mosques and strives to ruin and burn them,” the statement read.

In the spring of this year, the Ministry of Interior prohibited mosques from making political statements, and also prohibited those not certified by Azhar to preach.

The group said its coming movement would achieve “retribution” for what they perceived as “American hegemony and the Israeli domination which, steals our land, divides our nation and killing our people.”

So far, 5,000 have said they would participate in the movement on the group’s Facebook page.

Television host Wael al-Ibrashi, however, tried to interview Salafist spokesperson Mohamed Gala during his program via phone Sunday, but the two entered into an on-air row.

Galal accused Ibrashi of collusion with authorities, and hung up on the host, who then called him back and the two exchanged a few insults.

Islamic movement researcher, Kamal Habieb, told Youm7 Sunday that those who call for an “Islamic revaluation” represent a “narrow trend” with “extremism tendency,” adding “their numbers are few, there is nothing called the Islamic revolution.”

Salafist Nour party spokesperson Shrief Taha told Ibrashi in a phone call the Salafist Front members are few, are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and “they have no relation with our (Nour) Party.”

Al-Mesryoon reported The Salafi Front spokesperson Khaled Saaed Sunday saying that the group had never called for violence.

“There are just a lot of youth who refuse to express their opinion peacefully and sees violence  as the right choice, we just wanted to tell them that you have no place among us. If you wanted to use violence, do it away of us, but the statement itself didn’t include any kind of call to violence.”

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