Latest gov’t health report declares Ahmed Doma in stable condition
Activist Ahmed Doma during his trial - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: The Forensic Medicine Authority will send a report to the attorney general’s office Tuesday on the health condition of detained political activist Ahmed Doma following its team’s medical examination of him Monday at the Manial University Hospital.

An official delegation composed of three doctors—including one prison doctor—concluded that Doma was in stable condition, according to medical tests run to test his blood pressure, blood sugar and heart, and a couple of X-rays, Youm7 reported Monday.

Doma was transferred to El-Manial in early October following an agreement between the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR)—which was following up on detainee health in prisons—and the Ministry of Interior.

Doma has been in prison since December 2013. During that period he has suffered health deterioration that worsened when he started a short hunger strike in late August 2014. He halted the strike in early October for unbearable stomach pains and the unavailability of proper treatment in prison.

“My husband is very sick; he can’t keep anything in his stomach even for a minute, including medicine,” Doma’s wife Nourhan Hefzy wrote on her Facebook page Sept. 3. “Despite a doctor’s recommendation he be moved to a hospital to be under observation in intensive care, the Interior Ministry will not approve this.”

Doma has been making court appearances in a wheelchair and has complained several times about how the air conditioning inside the court holding cells is too cold and is making him sicker.

Along with over 260 other defendants, Doma is set to appear in court Nov. 12 to continue hearings in the case he is accused in, which regards protests outside the Cabinet in 2011 and charges of resisting authorities, destroying government facilities and burning the Institut d’Égypte.

Doma is also serving a three-year prison sentence issued against him last April for violating the 2013 Protest Law in protests in front of the Abdeen Courthouse in November 2013.

Additional reporting by Nourhan Hassan.

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