Sisi promises up to 1B EGP in compensation for displaced Sinai residents
Presidential spokesperson Ambassador Alaa Youssef at the meeting with Sinai tribes' leaders - Photo courtesy of presidential office

CAIRO: The state will provide nearly 1 billion EGP ($139 million) in compensation for North Sinai citizens who were displaced, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi announced Monday in a speech following military maneuvers.

Also Monday, a presidential committee specialized in social development met with leaders of Rafah tribes to discuss the ongoing issue of evicting border areas, in addition to seeking social and economic solutions to develop Sinai, the presidential spokesperson stated in a press release.

Following an attack in late October in North Sinai that killed 31 soldiers and injured dozens more, the army embarked on a number of security campaigns and announced it had killed a number of “takfiris,” or extremist militants.

Last week, the army announced it would clear a number of areas near the Gaza border to create a security buffer zone, and gave residents a 24-hour notice to evacuate. A citizen told Al-Masry Al-Youm Sunday that he has owned and lived in his house since the October War of 1973, and has no clue where to go.

The Cabinet said in a Monday press release that 802 houses holding 1,156 families needed to be emptied in order to establish a the 14 km zone.

“Those procedures are a matter of protecting national security,” Sisi stated Monday. As temporary reimbursements, moving families should receive a monthly amount of 300 EGP each for a period of three months, he added.

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