Tamarod registers as political party
Mahmud Badr - YOUM7/Sami waheeb

CAIRO:  The Tamarod (Rebel) Movement announced it would officially launch as a political party after members presented endorsement forms to the Committee for Political Parties Affairs Wednesday at the High Court, Youm7 reported.

Tamarod was one of the main acting forces behind mass protests that began June 30, 2013 demanding the Mohamed Morsi step down. The group issued an announcement in July regarding its plans to form a party.

While the law requires at least 5,000 endorsement forms to be able to register as a political party, founder Mahmoud Badr told Youm7 on Wednesday that the party received 6,200 forms, with a majority coming from the governorate of Qalyubia.

The party’s official Facebook page put a link to Tamarod’s Twitter account where tweets have advocated human rights, criticized the 2013 protest law, as well as media bias. Despite their support for the Egyptian army, Tamarod has said it condemns “arbitrary practices” of the current regime.

“Three years in prison for protesting without prior authorization is exaggerated, may we remind you that you are here thanks to the revolution,” Tamarod wrote Oct. 26, following 3-year sentence of Sanaa Seif and 23 other activists for “illegally protesting.”

In its mission statement published Wednesday, the party defends the events of June 30 as “the real popular revolution,” and sees the January 25 Revolution in 2011 as the “beginning of a revolutionary path that fell under the control of the wrong people,” in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists’ forces.

It claims to follow in the footsteps of Gamal Abdel Nasser, the new Tamarod Party said Nasser’s regime “is the only model in modern history that has proven to be successful.”

Nasser, the face of the overthrow of King Farouq’s monarchy, became president of the country in 1956 until his death in 1970.

Additional reporting by Iman Ali.

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