Press Syndicate condemns proposed press industry chamber as corporate ploy
Press Syndicate headquarter - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Press Syndicate issued a statement Sunday condemning the idea of establishing a press industry chamber, describing it as a “suspected attempt by a number of businessmen who seek to control national media and take away its independence.”

Saturday night, a number of independent newspaper editors-in-chief met to discuss the idea of establishing a press industry chamber and issued a statement saying they will start the legal procedures for its establishment.

The statement issued by the top editors said the chamber’s goal would be to coordinate between newspapers and all other matters related to industry development.

The syndicate, however, said the call of establishing the chamber was an attempt to get journalists involved in something not related to them, and only a concern of the owners. They added that conflicts between the journalists themselves and owners is “dangerous,” as the syndicate law prohibits journalists from owning or even sharing ownership in any newspaper.

The syndicate statement added that state-run newspapers were not mentioned during the meeting, which it said was an attempt to sow disharmony among journalists and to discriminate between them based on their type of publication.

“We’ve always fought battles that defend the careers of journalists and the freedom of expression, and we won’t allow those behind this attack to achieve their goals,” the statement read.

The syndicate also called on the government to end its silence and intervene on the matter, saying “this silence may be considered collusion with the businessmen.”

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