Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary stirs controversy
Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes in 2011 - AFP/KHALED DESOUKI

CAIRO: A number of political parties have for marches to commemorate the approaching Nov. 19 anniversary of the 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud clashes, while others say that would be an opportunity for Muslim Brotherhood and anti-regime demonstrations.

The Bread and Freedom Party has announced it is organizing a protest and a press conference Wednesday Nov.19 by the Journalists Syndicate, along with number of other political movements including  the Dostour Party, 6 April Movement, The Revolutionary Socialists, Misr Al-Qawia Party and Youth for Justice and Freedom Movement.

“We are inviting you to participate in our protest that will be attended with number of the martyrs’ families and at 5 p.m. by the Journalists Syndicate demanding retribution from criminals,” the Bread and Freedom Party wrote in an open invitation on its Facebook page.

Party spokesperson Mona Ezzat told The Cairo post Tuesday that this conference and the protest organized in front near the syndicate tomorrow would “send a message for all the martyrs and the injured, that we are still clinging with you demanding what you asked for in the revolution.”

“All of these demands are legal and I don’t think that it could be any harmful to the state’s current situation in any way,” she added.

Founder of the Third Republic Youth Front Tarek Al-Khouly stated that they would not take part in any demonstrations or events regarding the anniversary, and branded those parties who would participate as the “the fifth column,” inferring that they are anti-military.

The Salafi Nour Party also announced Tuesday it would not take part in the planned events, Youm7 reported; Mahmoud Hegazy, member of the High Commission of the Party, said “Any movements in the street right now will make undesirable worries.”

Spokesperson of Egyptian Social Democratic Party Mohamed Qasem told Al-Masryoon that the state “cannot afford any other disturbance, as they confronting the terrorist groups everywhere.”

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