President evaluates new governors, monitors Brotherhood activity in provinces


A number of regulatory bodies in Egypt are working to write security reports about the performance of the newly appointed governors in all provinces, especially border provinces.

Sources told Youm7 that those reports will be delivered to the presidency so that informed decisions can be made, and possibly the dismissal of those not performing well.

Sources told Youm7 that the presidency gave the new governors a decisive order to restore national prestige and communicate directly with citizens to discover their problems and solve them. Furthermore, the new governors were asked to implement the government’s plan.

The presidency stressed that it will take tough decisions against inadequate governors and remove them within two months if they have not performed well in that time, according to the sources.

The reports revealed that the state, with the help of human rights groups, intends to organize a campaign to inspect all police stations in all provinces to uncover any cases of torture.

The plan made by the presidency included tightening control over the performance of governors in border and remote provinces including Upper Egypt, the Red Sea, and North and South Sinai. The presidency has also coordinated with a number of informative bodies to arrange unannounced visits to senior officials in the government in all provinces to evaluate the performance of every governor and ensure their commitment to the government’s plan, sources told Youm7.

Moreover, the presidency demanded special reports on the provinces suffering from infrastructure problems and monitoring attempts of every governor to solve these problems, with offering full support to them during the 2 month deadline for restoring the trust of the citizens in the official during the transitional phase.

The committee is also concerned with preparing a special report on the performance of teachers in different schools both public and private, as well as evaluating the effort the governors exert in the field of education and its promotion.

Furthermore, sources told Youm7 that the presidency has also asked the concerned bodies to prepare a report on members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were appointed under ousted president Mohammed Morsi, and to monitor their activity and crack down on any actions or practices that would hinder the governors’ work or stir up any problem within any province.

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