Ajnad Misr claims responsibility for Thursday Helwan University explosion
Security Officials examine the aftermath of a Thursday bomb blast at Ramses Train Station - YOUM7/Karim Abdelaziz

CAIRO: Militant jihadi group Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) has claimed responsibility for a Thursday bomb attack near Helwan University, according to a statement released on one of the group’s affiliated Twitter accounts.

Three police officers and two conscripts were injured in the explosion, which targeted their security installation, Youm7 reported. According to the Ajnad Misr statement dated Nov. 20, the operation was carefully planned before its execution, and was a “punishment” for “police crimes regarding the detention and torture of students.”

Describing the blast as “successful” in targeting police leaders, the group threatened more attacks, and also spoke of other universities’ security personal and hired private security companies as potential targets. Ajnad Misr’s tweets often include pictures of security force assaults on students.

The group claimed responsibility for a similar attack on Oct. 22 near Cairo University in which ten police officers were injured, state TV reported. In the meantime, Mehwar TV channel launched a campaign after the Helwan blast calling on all media outlets and social media not to publish pictures of police members to help protect them and make them less easy targets.

The incident coincided with another blast inside a train in the main Ramses train station in Downtown Cairo, with no injuries reported, Youm7 quoted the Ministry of Health as saying.

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