Friday protests: 3 buses burned, bomb blast in Matariya
Friday protests in Matariya - Khaled Kamal/YOUM7

CAIRO: As is commonplace following Friday prayers, clashes and protests broke out across Cairo between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and security forces, Youm7 reported.

In Matariya, pro-Muslim brotherhood elements held up Qurans and Rabaa signs, and similar marches occurred in Mohandiseen, Hadayeq el-Maadi and Ain Shams. An explosion also occurred in Matariya, and another explosive device was disabled by security forces in Giza.

It was also reported unidentified protesters in the marches dumped oil barrels near Ahmed Orabi Bridge to stop traffic, but were arrested.

In Moqatam, protesters shooting fireworks at security personnel were dispersed with teargas, and in Imbaba and Bulaq, three public buses were set on fire by protesters using Molotov cocktails.

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