Mubarak grandchildren free to travel upon court verdict
Former president Hosni Mubarak - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Administrative Court in Cairo reversed Tuesday the Ministry of Justice’s previous decision to impose a travel ban on the grandchildren of former president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Youm7 reported.

Omar Alaa Mubarak, 11, and Farida Gamal Mubarak, 4, were added to the travel ban list by the Illicit Gains Authority (IGA) affiliated with the Ministry of Justice in June 2011, which the family’s lawyer Fareed el-Deeb appealed in court as “not legally justified,” Al-Shorouq reported Monday.

The decision was originally issued by the then-deputy minister of justice in charge of the IGA, Assem el-Gohary, among other restrictions affecting the Mubarak family, including Alaa’s wife Heidi Rasekh and Gamal’s wife Khadija el-Gammal.

Deeb filed an appeal in November 2013, and the court looked into the case in February, May and October 2014. In the May court hearing, Khadija el-Gammal argued that the decision did not have legal grounds because she has not been accused or investigated for a crime, adding that her daughter was a minor, nor is related to her father’s legal issues, Al-Dostour reported May 30.

Judge Khaled Selim, head of IGA investigation and examination department, had interrogated the two sons’ wives as well, asking about their own assets, which both claimed were owned and provided by their families before marrying the president’s sons, Youm7 reported in May 2011.

Mubarak and his sons, along with former officials, are facing trials in a number of illicit gains cases including local embezzlement cases and foreign fund smuggling; the latest figure for Hosni Mubarak was estimated at $1.5 billion in personal accounts in Britain, Switzerland and Spain, according to what Assistant Minister of Justice for Illicit Gains Affair Judge Youssef Osman told Youm7 Aug.12.

A judge who spoke on condition of anonymity told Al-Shorouq News July 30 that the case was “complicated” because it would require investigations into the family’s finances in over 30 years to prove that their ‘fortune’ was an advantage of being in power.

Experts are still writing their reports, examining the assets and investigating Mubarak’s funds abroad, causing delays  in judiciary results. Former first lady Suzanne Mubarak was released after paying back a sum of 24 million EGP, the source told Shorouk.

Additional reporting by Hazem Adel, Rania Amer and Mahmoud el-Mamluk.

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