April 6 rejects Nov 28 protests, calls for peaceful expression
Activates of April 6 Youth Movement during the press conference - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: The April 6 Youth Movement will not participate in demonstrations called for by the Salafist Front on Nov. 28, according to a statement published on their official Twitter account Wednesday following a news conference.

“These calls for protests do not unite the Egyptian people, they separate them,” the group said, also recalling “the demands of the January 25 revolution: bread, freedom, justice and dignity.”

The group also argued that authorities should “loosen restrictions on peaceful means of expression so that violent demonstrations stop being the alternative.”

This week the Ministry of Interior warned against escalations on Friday and threats of clashing with security forces, announcing intensified measures to face violence. The surroundings of Cairo University and Nahda Square were closed Wednesday, in addition to similar arrangements for Tahrir and Mostafa Mahmoud squares, the Ministry of Defense in Abbasiya, and Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square in Nasr City,  Youm7 reported.

Security has also been undertaken in Cairo International Airport, according to Minister of Civil Aviation Hossam Kamal. Furthermore, Minister of Health Adel el-Adawy said 488 ambulances have been prepared to cover Cairo, among a total of 2,573 distributes across Egypt, Youm7 added.

A number of arrests have taken place in the past week, including a man accused of promoting violence on social media.

Calls for an “Islamic identity revolution” earlier in November by the Salafist Front have been source of debate among the different Salafist currents, as the Salafi Call and Al-Nour Salafist Party rejected the protests and accused the Front of ‘extremism.’

“The protests aim for destruction, and shedding the blood of Egyptians is a sin, whether they are civilians, or army or police,” said Abdul Menem el-Shahat, the spokesperson of the Salafist Call  said in a press statement following the calls for protest.

Additional reporting by Ashraf Azouz, Raafat Ibrahim, Mahmoud Osman, Rehab Nabil, Dana el-Hadidy, Ibrahim Ahmed.

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