Final verdict in Hosni Mubarak murder trial expected Saturday
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CAIRO: With the world watching, Judge Mahmoud Kamel el-Rashidy, the president of the Cairo Criminal Court, is expected Saturday to announce the final verdict in the trial against former President Hosni Mubarak on charges he killed protesters during the January 25 Revolution and wasted public funds.

A previous sentencing session was adjourned in September.

“The final verdict is due Saturday and will be delivered on time,” Al-Watan News quoted Rashidy saying Thursday, adding that he declined to give hints or discuss press inquiries related to the case before then.

The final verdict was previously expected to be announced on Sept. 27, but to the shock of the public, the court instead showed a video of the thousands of documents in the case. The lead volunteer attorney defending Mubarak, Yousri Abdelk Razek, told Al-Wafd Friday that Mubarak will be acquitted, as he is “a man with military honor who would never order the shedding of Egyptian blood.”

In addition to Mubarak’s verdict, other judgments are to be issued concerning his sons Gamal and Alaa and former Minister of Interior Habib al-Adly. Adly’s former aides released pending trial and also charged in the case are: former chief of the Central Security Forces Ahmed Ramzy, former State Security Investigations chief Hassan Abdul Rahman, former Cairo Security chief Ismail el-Shaer, former Giza Security chief Osama el-Marassi, 6 October City Security Chief Omar el-Faramawy and Deputy Minister for General Security Adly Fayed.

Lawyers have publicly debated possible verdicts. Some defense lawyers in the case seemed positive the defendants would be acquitted. Adly and Shaer’s lawyer, Essam el-Batawy, told Al-Shorouq Friday his clients “did not incite violence against protesters and the assaults on them were caused by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The former president and minister of interior were previously sentenced to life in prison in June 2012, and the minister’s six aides were acquitted. Lawyer Said Mansi, who is defending Faramawy, told Al-Shorouq his client would be declared innocent in the second round.

Fugitive business tycoon Hussein Salem’s verdict will also be issued during the same trial; he is charged with facilitating illegal gas exports to Israel.

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