Salafist Front says Nov 28 ‘failure,’ ‘let down’ by other Islamic currents
A man celebrates at a pro-Sisi rally to counter Nov. 28 anti-military protests- Youm7

CAIRO: After weeks of calling for protests on Nov. 28 and urging a renewed “Islamic revolution,” the Salafi Front said Friday’s events were a “failure,” and they had been “let down” by other Islamist political groups in a statement Friday night on their Facebook page.

As of Friday evening, the Ministry of Health announced that three had been killed, two were from security forces, and the third a civilian in Matariya, while 26 were injured.

The Interior Ministry stated earlier today that 224 persons were arrested, 10 bombs were defused along with other 8 primitive bombing devises.

Despite scattered attacks, most central squares were clearly empty from any protestors, since many in metropolitan areas chose to stay home out of fear of any violence. As the afternoon wore on social media users stared to publish sarcastic comments and cartoons about the fizzled campaign, describing it as a “silent revolution” and that they got bored of waiting for.

The Salafi Front announced Nov. 02 they were preparing an “Islamic revolution” against “military rule,” secular movements and absence of Islamic Sharia.

They also said they would achieve “retribution” for what they perceived as “American hegemony and the Israeli domination which, steals our land, divides our nation and killing our people.”

In response to the calls to protest, security forces announced this week that they would be on the streets in large numbers, and would respond to any violent demonstrations with live weapons.

The major clashes that happened Friday in Cairo were separate incidents in Matariya, Ain Shams and Haram. In the governorates separate marches took place especially in Alexandria, Qalubiya, Suez and Menofiya, however it was controlled by the security forces.

The Salafi Front also announced Friday evening that five of their major leaders were arrested during the events.

“This is just our first event, and we will continue, hoping our performance to be better, making progress next time,” the front stated.

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  1. thomram
    November 30, 2014 at 4:07 am

    100’0001 people were meditating for a peaceful 28.November in Aegypt.
    We continue :-)

  2. Ági
    December 1, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    Exactly, thomram! :-)

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