Ajnad Misr claims responsibility for Ain Shams Uni attack
Ain-Shams university - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Ajnad Misr claimed responsibility Friday for a bombing that injured four policemen at Ain Shams University in Cairo in a “retribution campaign.”

“After we were sure they [the police] kept a distance with the device from the passersby, we detonated it among them only and proved their vulnerability and inability. This has not been the first time and will not be the last, God willing,” Ajnad Misr tweeted, implying that they were still in the vicinity of the bombing. However, passersby often gather around the cordoned area of a potential bombing and film the process.

The group revealed itself in January, but in its second statement Jan. 24, it claimed responsibility for attacks in November 2013. Ajnad Misr (Soldiers of Egypt) “dedicated” its campaign for “every mother” who lost her children because they were killed or jailed by the Egyptian government.

A court labeled Ajnad Misr a terrorist organization in May. Twenty alleged members of the group were referred to a criminal court in July.

The group has released two videos documenting their operations against the police. The first video, released in April, was made available in high, medium and cell phone qualities.

In its 12th statement in October, Ajnad Misr announced the launch of its media arm, Kanana Productions, and posted its website and Twitter, Facebook and Youtube accounts, saying that “the media battle is as important as the military battle.” The Facebook accounts of both Kanana Productions and Ajnad Misr have been removed.

Kanana Productions announced it would accept questions to Majd al-Deen al-Misry, the alleged general in charge of Ajnad Misr, from Dec. 2 to Dec. 9 for him to answer in a video.

The “media arm” has released a few videos and pictures depicting scuffles between the police and protesters, as well as a dramatized video juxtaposing the verdict of former President Hosni Mubarak with scenes of protesters getting killed during the January 25 Revolution by the police.

Ajnad Misr had claimed responsibility for an explosion outside Cairo University in October, and another one outside Helwan University in November, targeting police security the area and citing their “crimes” against students.

The group claimed responsibility for other attacks, including a deadly attack near the Ithadeya presidential palace in Heliopolis, but has repeatedly denied it targets civilians. Areas near Cairo’s Metro have been targeted a few times with improvised bombs, where civilians were injured.

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