Al-Ahly Ultras break into Cairo Stadium: Interior Ministry
Clashs between security forces and Al-Ahly fans - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Al-Ahly Ultras broke into Cairo stadium using a truck Saturday, the Interior Ministry stated.

The hardcore fan group showed up at the stadium before the scheduled final match of the African Confederation Cup between Al-Ahly and Ivorian team Sewe Spore .

The ministry said security forces interfered to evacuate the stadium, adding that they found later 10 bags filled with fireworks, and that they monitored the place searching for any devices could have been planted during the break-in.

The ministry statement added that the stadium door was damaged due to being rammed by the truck.

The Al-Ahly newspaper Saturday spoke to a Ultras member who denied damaging any property or breaking in to the stadium, and said that he group often goes to place their banners and fireworks in the stands before matches.

The football fan club has had a political significance since its participation in the January 25 Revolution .

Among the bloodiest incidents for Ultras in the aftermath of the revolution was the “Port Said Massacre” on Feb. 1, 2012, in which more than 70 people were killed. Most were Al-Ahly supporters, and there have been no trials for the perpetrators.

EOHR described the incidents as a “complete crime against Al-Ahly Ultras, who participated in the Egyptian revolution and supported the protesters during hard times, a severe violation of human rights.” In a Feb. 2, 2012 statement they accused security forces of taking revenge on the football fans by “conspiring against national stability before the match, which was evident by the bullets found in the dead bodies of the fans.”

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