Egyptians heading to Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Iraq must obtain permits: MoI
Cairo International Airport - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egyptian passengers travelling to countries witnessing civil conflict, or that pose “a threat to national security” must obtain permits from the Ministry of Interior, ministry spokesperson Hani Abdel Lattif told The Cairo Post Sunday.

This security procedure is applied to travelers aged 18 to 40, who want to travel to Turkey, Qatar, Syria and Iraq, he added.

Requiring travel notices before visiting any country witnessing domestic conflicts or one that may pose a threat to Egypt has been a standard procedure for some time, Youm7 reporter of Cairo International Airport and military issues Mohamed Tantawi told The Cairo Post Sunday.

The destinations could be changed according to the security situation of the countries and their bilateral relationship with Egypt, Tantawi added, noting that the countries that were added recently are Turkey and Qatar.

Passengers who have transit visas to such countries must also get the permit from the Egyptian National Security sector and the Public Security sector of the Ministry of Interior.

Abdel-Latif said the goal of requiring such permits is to face “terrorism, as there were youth before June 30 incidents went to Turkey from which they can go to Syria and Iraq.”

The Islamic State group, operating in Iraq and Syria has recently been a destination for many youth from the Arab as well as Western world.

Islam Yaken , 23, was an Egyptian engineering student who was recruited and killed in a suicide bomb in Syria Dec. 1.

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