Doma sentenced to 3 years, fined 10K EGP for ‘insulting court’
Activist Ahmed Doma - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Activist Ahmed Doma was sentenced Tuesday to 3 years in jail and fined 10,000 EGP ($1,400) for insulting the court in a Monday session of the Cabinet riots case, Youm7 reported.

Doma is defending himself after the withdrawal of his defense team, and the announcement of the Lawyers’ Syndicate that it will not send any lawyers to defend him, Youm7 reported.

The defense team announced they would withdraw from the case after the referral of head lawyer Khaled Ali to the prosecution for his attitude with the court. Doma said during his defense that he does not trust “the justice of this court,” adding that regardless of a defense team the outcome of the trial would remain the same, which the presiding judge said was an insult to the judiciary.

Doma, added he was deprived of his due rights, and had to communicate with his defense team in sign language from inside a glass cage.

The trial of Doma and his 269 co-defendants in the case of the Cabinet clashes was postponed until Feb. 4.

Doma previously requested that the judge in the case be removed, but the request was denied.

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