Yemen’s al-Qaeda blames Obama for killing hostages 
US President Barack Obama - AFP/Nicholas Kamm

SANAA: A top al-Qaeda leader in Yemen blamed U.S. President Barack Obama for the recent deaths of American and South African hostages in a failed rescue operation.

Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi’s video message, obtained by Site Intelligence on Thursday, is the first comment by the group after the deaths of Luke Somers and Pierre Korkie when U.S. special forces attacked an al-Qaeda safe house attempting to rescue the pair.

Al-Ansi said he warned the U.S. against such attempts after a first rescue operation in November failed. He accused Obama of showing carelessness for the life of an American citizen. He added that the raid to try rescue the 33-year-old American journalist Somers, “caused things to go in a completely different way than we wanted.

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