Egypt condemns killing of Palestinian minister
Badr Abdel Atty - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: Egypt condemned the killing of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ain who died after quarrelling with Israeli forces in the West Bank Wednesday.

“Egypt expresses its deep concern over the provocative activities and the unjustified Israeli escalation in the Palestinian territories, and demands to investigate into such abominable crimes and all who are responsible should be referred to the justice,” the Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty said Wednesday in a statement.

Abu Ain was participating in a protest organized by Palestinian and Israeli activists against the West Bank barrier and died after a confrontation with Israeli border guards, al-Arabyia net reported Wednesday. Video from the incident shows an IDF soldier grabbing Abu Ain by the neck.

An IDF official’s Twitter account said Thursday afternoon that a joint Israeli-Jordanian autopsy showed Abu Ain died due to a “heart condition, possibly caused by stress.” The Palestinian cabinet spokesperson Ihab Besiso, however, said Thursday in a press conference that Israel is responsible for Ain’s killing as he was beaten with rifles on the chest and head.

“Today, based on the results of the investigation, we hold the Israeli government responsible for the killing of Ziad Abu Ain,” said Besiso.

Ain’s funeral took place Thursday in el-Bira City, adjacent to Ramallah in the central West Bank; it was attended by President Mahmoud Abbas, who announced three days mourning, the Palestinian News and Info Agency reported.

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