Morsi’s lawyers threaten withdrawal from cases
Former president Mohamed Morsi and MB leaders on the first day of Morsi's trial - REUTERS

CAIRO: Lawyers of former President Mohamed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders suggested a collective withdrawal from their cases, but their clients opposed the idea, lawyer Montaser Elzayat wrote on Facebook Thursday.

Elzayat is a leading lawyer in cases in which Morsi is accused of espionage, escaping from prison and other charges, and said on Facebook that he will likely not partake in more “politicized cases” where there is “no value” for the law or defense.

“[T]o feel most of the time that you are a piece of décor that gives credence to trials that lack the rules of equitable justice. Other times you feel the sense of duty and [prefer] not to leave your brothers without defense,” Elzayat wrote.

The detained Brotherhood members discussed their lawyers’ proposal and requested that they continue to defend them to assert certain points that might be useful for appeal purposes before the Cassation Court in the future, according to Elzayat.

In the espionage case, Morsi is charged with providing sensitive information to foreign entities, including Gaza’s Hamas. In the prison break case, he is charged with fleeing Wadi al-Natrun Prison in January 2011.

The former Islamist President, ousted by the military in July 2013, is also being tried in the Ithadeya case, where he is charged with complicity in killing peaceful protesters outside his presidential palace in December 2012, a few months after his election.

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