Gov’t banned from firing mentally ill: Court
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CAIRO: Government institutions are banned from firing mentally or psychologically ill workers, as long as they provide medical evidence of their condition, according to a Saturday ruling by the Administrative Court.

Auditor Ashraf Ashmawy, the civil plaintiff, filed a lawsuit after his company told him that he resigned because he had not come to work in three years, Youm7 reported.

Ashraf was diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia in 2003 by Abbasiya Hospital for Mental Health, and was given a sick leave to be treated. He went to the hospital on and off until 2010, where he informed his company of his continuous disturbance. The company then referred him to a government medical council to prove his case, but he was not able to go because he had been admitted into the Abbasiya Hospital; hence the company’s decision to expel him.

The 2014 constitution specifically protects the rights of the physically disabled, and guarantees resources to provide any needed assistance and employment, but does not specifically mention mental disabilities.

Laws concerning government employees do not automatically transfer to the private sector. For example, government employees are entitled to four months of maternity leave with pay, whereas private employees are guaranteed three months.

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