2 Egyptian-Britons arrested in metro for talking about Jan 25 in English
Cairo metro station - YOUM7/Hassan Mohamed

CAIRO: Two Egyptian-Britons and their Egyptian cousin were stopped at El-Marg Metro station north east of Cairo late Saturday after a contractor reported to the police that they were speaking in English about potential sabotage on the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, according to Youm7.

The contractor, 42, alleged that he heard the group talking about “destroying homes and companies” on Jan. 25.

The three people, all in their early twenties, denied the contractor’s allegations before Sayed Gad el-Haq, the assistant to the Minister of Interior for the transportation department. However, a report of the incident was sent to the prosecution, Youm7 reported.

Last month, Le Monde Diplomatique’s Editor-in-Chief Alain Gresh was arrested at a café in downtown Cairo after a woman sitting nearby reported him to the police as having “discussed politics” with two Egyptians.

Gresh, a Frenchman, was reportedly held in police custody for over an hour.

Hundreds of protesters and a number of journalists were arrested on the third anniversary of the revolution last January. The vast majority of them have been released in separate groups, some shortly afterwards while others have sat in prison for months.

The controversial 2013 Protest Law, which demands a prerequisite permit from the police prior to any demonstration, is still enforced despite ongoing opposition to it since its entry into force.

The National Council for Human Rights emphasized the necessity to amend the protest law, as well to set a date for the period of detention pending investigations in a Dec. 10 statement.


Additional reporting by Ibrahim Ahmed

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