Café destroyed in Abdeen to counter its ‘atheist’ patrons
Cafe in Cairo, courtesy of Matt Welbo via Flickr

CAIRO: Sada Al-Balad reported Sunday that a café in the Abdeen area of Cairo was destroyed after locals noticed a group of patrons spreading “wrong thoughts regarding religions.”

“We have destroyed the café of the devil worshipers in Falaki Street for being illegal and for having a number of atheists spreading their thoughts,” neighborhood chief Gamal Mohi Mohi told Sada Al-Balad describing what happened as an “excellent move,” although he did not explain how atheists, who reject the idea of a supernatural being, would also believe in a devil to worship.

Lawyer Ali Atef from the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information told The Cairo Post Sunday there is nothing in the law that criminalize atheism. “The only way for the police to arrest anyone is when they start humiliating or disrespecting other religions.”

“If the café were legal and has its papers in order, then the police storming for the café then would be the wrong or criminal action, as no one has the right to arrest someone for his thoughts. And to be fair and honest, usually these incidents happen for arresting atheists, and later they explain that the café papers were illegal, which is usually wrong.”  Atef said.

He added that in similar cases the defendants get released after few days preserving the whole investigation, and it if the case was referred to the court we say that the whole arrest is against the constitution that guarantee the citizens rights.

“It’s a huge problem in Egypt that the constitution sometimes treated as it was the lowest law, not the highest,” Atef added to the Cairo post.

Egypt’s Dar al-Ifta stated in December that Egypt has the “highest rate of atheism” in the Middle East.

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