New police rank created for those with 8th grade education
Egyptian Security Forces - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Those with an 8th-grade education are now able to enroll to serve as “security aides,” a civilian police rank with powers of arrest, per a Monday decree by President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Those between 19 and 23-years-old are eligible for the program, and will have to power to make arrests, but could not be internally promoted until having finished their studies, according to a statement from the presidential spokesperson.

Those who have little education and may be illiterate are often enrolled in the Central Security Forces (CSF), a large department of the Ministry of Interior, used to control riots and protests, and are usually the frontline of the police to counter any instability. They, however, do not have the power to arrest, and usually patrol in the company of an officer.

“Appointing the new security aides will decrease the educational gap between policemen who are illiterate and the officers. The aides will also be in charge of securing vital facilities and dispersing protests,” former Minister of Interior aide Gen. Mohamed Nour told The Cairo Post Tuesday.

Non-officer members of the police force must graduate from official police institutions, whereas officers attend the Police Academy. Non-officers may move up in rank if they continue their studies in a faculty of law.

The new rank of conscripts will function as aides to officers and will be trained for at least a year, Nour added, noting that the total police force numbers approximately 600,000 persons, “which is a small number compared to the population.”

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