Sisi holds meeting with Ethiopian delegation
Sisi meets with Ethiopian delegation - Courtesy of presidential office

CAIRO: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi received Thursday morning at the presidential head quarters an Ethiopian delegation headed by the President of the Ethiopian Parliament, announced Presidential Spokesperson Alaa Youssef.

The meeting was attended by Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry, Egypt’s ambassador to Addis Ababa Mohamed Idris, Muhyiddin Afifi, the secretary-general of the Islamic Research Academy and Bishop Beeman, a representative of the Coptic Orthodox Church.

During the meeting president Sisi greeted the Ethiopian delegation, and said that Egypt has started a new stage to open up to Africa.

Sisi said that he was ready to visit the Ethiopian parliament and speak to his representative and wished the Ethiopian people a lot of goodness and prosperity.

“Egypt can not stand in the face of the right of the Ethiopian people in development” Sisi said during the meeting.

Sisi meets with Ethiopian delegation - Courtesy of presidential office

Sisi meets with Ethiopian delegation – Courtesy of presidential office

“If Nile river represents the source of development to Ethiopian people it represent the source of life to the Egyptian people, because Egypt’s share of water has remained steady at 55.5 billion cubic meters since the population was less than 20 million people and now reached 90 million people.” Sisi said.

Sisi added that there are many opportunities for development between the two countries in the revitalization of trade and promoting Egyptian investments in Ethiopia, pointing out that Egyptian doctors have established a fund with a capital of $500 million to provide health services in helping counterparts in Africa,  and that “a significant portion of the resources of this fund has been allocated for Ethiopia”

Sisi said that the ways of combating terrorism should not be limited to military aspects, but also takes place through the development and fighting against poverty.

On the other side, President of the Ethiopian Parliament expressed his deep gratitude to the  Egyptian President for the opportunity to meet the popular Ethiopian delegation

He also praised the positive role of Egypt  to manage its relations with Ethiopia, pointing out that the Ethiopian Parliament calls for President to visit and meet  deputies of the Ethiopian people.

“The Ethiopian people are not thinking at all of harming Egyptian people, but only in the limited objectives of development, not only for Ethiopia but for African continent as a whole,” the President of the Ethiopian Parliament added.

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