Egyptian sentenced to 10 years in jail; 2 Israelis to life for spying charges
Attorney General Hisham Barakat - YOUM7/Hossam Atef

CAIRO: The Port Said Criminal Court Saturday sentenced a remanded Egyptian citizen to 10 years in prison and two alleged Israeli Mossad agents to 25 years in prison on charges of espionage, MENA reported.

Attorney General Hisham Barakat referred in July the Egyptian Mohamed Abdel Baki Hassanin, a manager of a maritime service company,  and the two alleged fugitive Israeli agents—Benjamin Shaul and David Meir—on accusations they had spied on Egypt for the Mossad.

The investigations charged that the Egyptian defendant cooperated in the second half of 2011 with the Israelis and provided them with information related to national security in return for cash.

On Aug. 20, Bashar Abu-Zaid, a Jordanian national also charged by Egypt with spying for Israel, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and an alleged Israeli Mossad officer was sentenced to life in prison. State Security prosecutors accused Israeli Ophir Harare—who was tried in absentia—and Abu-Zaid of tapping international Egyptian calls for Israeli intelligence services.

Also, in November authorities started an investigation of two other Egyptians and two alleged Israeli Mossad agents on charges of spying. The Egyptian defendants, according to the investigations, wrote a report saying Egypt would purchase four Italian submarines in 2014 and that Egypt contracted with China and Russia to develop 35 tanks, Youm7 reported.

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