Mother of slain protester Mohamed Al-Gendy to run for Parliament
Egypt's Parliament - REUTERS

CAIRO: Samia Al-Gendy, the mother of Mohamed Al-Gendy, who died in February 2013 from wounds he received after being arresting during marches commemorating the January 25 Revolution, announced to Al-Shorouq Sunday she intends to run in the coming parliamentary elections.

She added that she will run to “achieve the revolution’s goals that her son dreamed of since the first day.”

“I’m aiming to get all the martyrs’ rights back. I’m not doing it for money, publicity or power,” she said. “Where is the demanded social justice following four years of revolution, the unemployment solutions and the social development?”

Gendy said that shortly after her announcement regarding running for the coming parliamentary elections she received a number of positive reactions and people offered their help and support.

She told Al-Shourouq people asked her, “‘If you didn’t take part in the coming elections, who else should win?’”

Gendy was already known for her political activism, especially with the Wafd Party. Youm7 quoted her in November as saying she belonged to that party, and was proud to be a part of all of its events.

During a statement to the Arabiya Al-Hadath television show last September, Gendy said she dreamed of a strong parliament that meets Egyptians’ ambitions. She was also critical of both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hosni Mubarak regime loyalists.

According to Al-Shorouq, Gendy didn’t explain further details about the coming elections, including whether she will be on the individual or electoral candidate list. “I don’t think I need election propaganda, because I’m a woman who respects herself,” she said.

Her son Mohamed was a member of the Popular Current, and it has been alleged he was tortured for three days before dying in 2013. The Ministry of Interior has denied these claims, however.

“Mohamed hoped for many things,” his mother said of her candidacy. “I’ll work hard to make all of his wishes come true.”

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