Egypt calls on Libyan authorities to probe the murder of Egyptian couple
Libyan gunmen - AFP

CAIRO: The Foreign Ministry called the Libyan authorities to open an immediate investigation into the alleged murder of two Egyptian nationals and the abduction of their daughter in the Libyan city of Sirte Tuesday, according to a statement released by the ministry Wednesday.

Unidentified armed men have killed Coptic Egyptian doctor Magdy Sobhy and his wife Sahar Talaat Rezq in their house at the Jarf health centre in Sirte, head of the Libyan Council for Local Affairs of Garf district Youssef Tabiqa was quoted as saying by AFP Tuesday.

Tabiqa added that the assailants abducted an 18-year old daughter and left two other daughters in the house.

He added that the attack may have been motivated by religious reasons.

“The doctor was found handcuffed and killed beside his wife. 6,000 Libyan Dinars were found on a table near the crime scene; the wife’s jewelry were not touched” Tabiqa said.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called its Egyptian citizens who residing on Libyan territory to be fully cautious and to get away from the clashes and areas of tension,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty in a statement.

The Ministry also warned Egyptians traveling to Libya in the light of the current unstable situation.

On Sep. 2 it was reported that an Egyptian citizen was killed in Sirte after a quarrel between him and two Libyan armed men.

Seven Coptic Egyptians were shot dead on Feb. 24 in Benghazi, Libya’s second largest city.

On Aug. 19, a Libyan armed group, dubbed the Shura Council of Islamic Youth, has executed an Egyptian national in Libya’s city of Derna.

Many Egyptian nationals were killed in Libya during the past few months; due to the security crisis, thousands of Egyptians have fled ongoing violence in Libya over the last few months, following warnings from the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Algeria recently opened its borders with Libya for Egyptian nationals to flee the violence.

The north part of Libya sees ongoing clashes between the Islamist militants against the Libyan Army troops.


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