2 bombs leave 0 dead in Cairo; road accident kills 8
Security forces in Haram Saturday - YOUM7/Hazem Abdel Samid

CAIRO: A bomb explosion rocked Cairo’s main railway hub at Ramses Station Friday, and a second explosive device was discovered at a hotel in the Haram district, but no one was injured or killed by either device.

A security source told Youm7 that the Ramses Station bomb was inside train No. 10, and exploded after the train arrived from Alexandria. Security forces combed the station afterward looking for other explosive devices, but found none.

Interior Ministry spokesperson Maj. Gen. Hani Abel Latif added in statements that the bomb exploded after the evacuation of the passengers from the train, and only the train was damaged by the blast.

Fewer details were provided about the Haram bomb, but Youm7 reported security forces succeeded in diffusing it.

In other public safety news, authorities are investigating what so far has only been identified as a vehicle accident that injured nine security personnel in Port Said Friday. Details are scarce, but the injured were sent to a military hospital for treatment and are in stable condition, Youm7 reported. A committee was ordered to be formed to investigate whether the incident was criminal or suspicious.

Additionally, eight civilians were killed Friday morning in another car accident on the Cairo-Ismailia road that also injured 31. Youm7 reported that all the dead and injured were transported to a hospital near 10 Ramadan City.

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