Seriously injured Egyptian dog to be sent to US for treatment  
Injured Egyptian dog - Photo courtesy of ESMA Facebook Page

CAIRO: After being tortured with incendiary materials by unknown assailants, an Egyptian dog will be sent to the United States to receive medical treatment, according to a statement issued Sunday by the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA).

“Heart” the dog was found in Zahraa al-Maadi district south of Cairo last week by street vendors; the incendiary materials blinded her, and she suffered severe burns, Al-Shorouq newspaper reported.

“Well this is the case we received Yesterday at ESMA, I will not say anything I am just leaving the photos to say it all. And people blame us and accuse us for having many animals; well what can you do when you see this, what can you say, that we have no space, we have no resources?????!!!!!! Pray hard for this dog whom we named Heart. She has a very long way to full recovery [sic],” ESMA wrote on its Facebook page. The society asked for donations to send Heart to the U.S. for treatment.

 Injured Egyptian dog - Photo courtesy of ESMA Facebook Page

Injured Egyptian dog – Photo courtesy of ESMA Facebook Page


Heart, along with another dog suffering from paralysis and sores, will be sent to the U.S. to receive treatment, and will not be sent back to Egypt, ESMA chairperson Mona Khalil was quoted as saying.

“Those sweet girls have a chance of traveling to US for their medical treatment their travel costs are covered but we need to buy the travel crates can u please help [sic]?” Khalil said on her Facebook page Sunday.

ESMA previously signed an agreement with the Egyptian government to vaccinate stray dogs against rabies in places where residents complain about a large number of stray dogs, Khalil added.

The society, which is feeding 500 dogs and 600 cats, also received Saturday a wounded dog with many injuries on his back legs. The dog was found in Haram district in Giza, ESMA said in another statement Sunday. The Haram dog is in stable condition.

In August, dozens of dead stray cats were found at the Gezira Club in the Zamalek district of Cairo, causing public anger on social media.

Stray dogs and cats in Egypt are numerous, especially in Cairo, but are not typically mistreated or attacked by residents. According to the Islamic Hadith, one of the companions of the Prophet Mohamed, Abd ash-Shams, even became known as Abu Hurairah (Father of the Kitten) because he kept and cared for a pet cat.


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