April 6 Youth Movement starts campaign against electing past regime members
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CAIRO: “The Dedak” (Against You) campaign, organized by the April 6 Youth Movement, will start a public awareness program within a few days across the country against the electing of “faloul” (remnants) from the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The parliamentary elections are hoped by the government to kick off before the Economic Summit scheduled to be held in Egypt in March 2015, and in response, “the Dedak Campaign enters its second phase concerning the parliamentary elections,” Mohamed Fouad, head of the media office of the April 6 Youth Movement’s “Democratic Front” wing, told The Cairo Post Monday.

Fouad said the campaign’s first phase was aimed at raising public awareness against faloul participation in the presidential elections held in May. The campaign “refuses the interference of the military institution in power,” he added, saying that his organization believes it managed to reach its aim, as many youth did not participate in the May elections.

“The campaign aims to popularly isolate faloul and Brotherhood candidates who will run for the coming Parliament through our awareness programs in 24 governorates,” Fouad continued.

He said that civil and political powers have supported the campaign since the beginning, and continue to do so.

Following the adoption of the Parliament Law in May, a political dispute has erupted out of fears of unequal opportunities guaranteed during the parliamentary elections after the law allocated more seats for individual candidates than party lists, 420 and 120 respectively.

Political parties have reacted harshly against the law, which they believe could open the door for members of Mubarak’s dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) and the banned Muslim Brotherhood to return to political life.

A court ruling to ban NDP members from running for Parliament was overturned in June. The ruling raised concerns among politicians, as NDP members are widely considered to have long corrupted political life in Egypt.

The MB was designated a terrorist group on Dec. 25, 2013, and beforehand its members were subjected to a crackdown by authorities following the ouster of former Islamist President Mohamed Morsi.

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