Authorities investigating girl’s claim she was raped by 2 police officers

CAIRO: Prosecution authorities are investigating claims made by a girl she was raped by two police personnel in a police car near Shubra district, Cairo, Al-Shorouq reported Monday.

The girl, identified as N.T., filed a criminal complaint at a police station on Dec. 21 claiming she had been raped, and as a result, the two officers were arrested and held for four days.

In her testimonial, the girl said she was sitting inside her male friend’s car talking, when the two police personnel came to ask for the car’s registration and accused the girl and her friend of public obscenity.

“I thought they wanted money, so I offered it, however they took my whole bag, and we started to fight,” she said according to Al-Shorouq. “Then one of the charged men got into our car and told us to start moving, and after about 100 meters, they told my friend they wouldn’t leave me with him in the car.”

She added further that the police gave her friend the car’s registration, asked him to leave and told him they would drive her home in a police car.

Later, according to the girl’s testimony as reported by Al-Shorouq, one of the police officers started touching parts of her body and raped her; when she later got out of the car, she texted her male friend, and they went together to issue the complaint at the police station.

The police officers charged in the incident denied all of the girl’s claims, and said they responded to her and her friend in the car because a nearby driver in the street told them something wrong was going on inside the car.

“We checked the boy’s papers and let him go, and then took the girl’s information and left her,” they said according to their statement. “We were surprised with the statement against us.”

Al-Shorouq reported that a forensic report said there were no marks of violence on the girl’s body, and there was no forensic proof she had been raped. However, last week the prosecution ordered the two police officers to remain in custody for 15 days pending further investigation, Al-Ahram reported.

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